Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (SKA version by Bob Kooparos)

This video is just too awesome.

Gotta Wait For Next Christmas

My bud got the sweater for me at this past year’s Hometown Throwdown. Gotta wait until next holiday season to sport this. That’s a long ass wait and may just wear it through this crazy cold. Why the hell not.

This sweater kicks ass.


New Track – For My People

Here is the first track of 2015. It’s called For My People. If you are wondering it is a reference from Red Alert 2. There is a special unit that the Libyan forces used. A bus full of explosives with a suicide bomber driving. Not PC at all but the game was/is just so much fun and building that unit against friends ruled.

This track was put together using MixCraft 6. I am no pro at it but it came out pretty good. Better than I hoped. Also, the guitar is tuned at Drop D if anyone was wondering. I’ll have to post what gear I am using in the future.


Stop Speaking German

Make sure to get out all your dark humor before the start of the new year!

Hometown Throwdown 2014

I’ve been a pretty big Bosstones fan for a long time now. Since 1994 I think. The first Bosstones show for me was 1996 in Gainesville, FL at a place called Brick City Music Hall. The opening act, The Pietasters, started the night off great. If you have never seen The Pietasters I highly recommend. One of the best ska acts EVER. Then the Bosstones hit the stage and put on one hell of an explosive performance. Crowd went ballistic. The venue was so packed and at certain parts very hard to breath. But that didn’t prevent me from having an awesome time. Nor did it stop all the other fans from enjoying the ska-core sound blasting in their ears. What can I say. As result I continued to be a fan.

Ever since I heard of the Hometown Throwdown, via Live from The Middle East, I have always wanted to go. Holiday Bosstones event in their hometown. How freakin rad would that be? Well, being in the South is what usually kept from being a part of it.  That was until 2014. My great bud, Byron, got me a ticket to one of the nights. I flew up for one night. One Grand Night in Boston. We rolled to the Hometown Throwdown. Drank way too much in a good way and enjoyed the hell out of some Andrew WK, opening act, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. It was a pure awesome night. To be honest, felt like I was young again. But fuck, aren’t I always feeling that way?

More to Come…

I’m bringing this shit back. After I fix this site.