Buffalo Trace


Pretty good stuff but I got to stop drinking alone. It’s really more enjoyable to talk to someone while drinking.

Live Life To The Fullest

“Live life to the fullest.”

A great lie we tell ourselves in our 20′s that life is full of awesome experiences and you can conquer the world. But once you hit your 30′s no one ever truly believes it anymore. People just settle for routine at that point. Routine and saltine crackers. I guess it becomes easier when to turn 30 to 60. Better eat my fiber.

Batman Describes Penguin

Finishing The Night


Fine way to end a long weekend.

Life Summed Up

Not that I hate life. Life in general is ok and stable. It honestly just feels ‘meh’ a lot of the times. I can predict tomorrow and the day after. A little excitement would be nice but I’m not certain what excites me these days. Still on the hunt for it I guess. Maybe revisit what used to excite me.

Gogol Bordello At Variety Playhouse

Love this band. I have never seen them live. May 20th at Variety Playhouse will be the first I hope of many Bordello shows. Promise to be drinking wine all day. It’ll be a good day for sure.

Seaside, FL



Quickest Way To Feel ANGER

The quickest way to feel anger:

Go to
Go to any post regardless of topic.
Read comments to post.
Feel anger.

It’s that easy. Someone is bound to offend or upset you that will help get the blood rushing.

The Final Result Brisket


This my second brisket to smoke. It has been smoked for 12 patient hours. The hardest part of the process was maintaining the heat. I tried my best but it really was tough to so for that long of time.

So how was it?

Better than last time by like 10x. Not the best brisket I ever had but was sure good. Some parts were really tender yet some were a little tougher. Overall I am satisfied with the results. The thing I would change next time would be the actual smoker. I want a stack smoker so the meat gets a even heat on it. Will record part 3.


I love this sauce. Great to add to chili.

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